Electric Park

East 46th Street & The Paseo

Defunct, Operated from 5/19/1907 to 9/1/1925

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Defunct Roller Coasters (3)

Dip CoasterWoodSit Down5/19/1907
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down5/19/1907
TicklerWoodSit Down1909 or earlier


Location:This is the second Electric Park created by the Heim Brothers. The first operated from 1899 to 1906 adjacent their Heim Brothers Brewery which was bordered by Nicholson Avenue, North Chestnut Avenue, Rochester Street and North Montgall Avenue.

The Village Green Apartments were built on the former site of Electric Park.
Notes:In 1925 destroyed much of the park.  Kansas City, Missouri native at the time, Walter Cronkite witnessed the fire and wrote in his 1996 autobiography "A Reporter's Life": "Our hill overlooked, a half dozen blocks away, Electric Park...One night after closing it burned in a spectacular fire. The Ferris wheel seemed to turn as the flames climbed up its sides. The grease caught fire on the two parallel tracks of the Greyhound Racer roller coaster, and twin blazes raced up and down with the speed of the cars that once toured the tumultuous circuit..."  This is the only mention of a "Greyhound Racer" roller coaster at Electric Park found to date.
Owner / Operator:Electric Park was built and operated by the Heim Brothers -- Joseph, Michael and Ferdinand Jr.

Electric Park (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

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Electric Park (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)