Wild Mouse

Land of Fun (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Removed, Operated from 5/15/1960 to ?

Roller Coaster · Steel · Sit Down · Thrill

Make: B. A. Schiff & Associates
Model: Wild Mouse / Size Unknown

Track layout: Wild Mouse


Former status:SBNO from ? to 1982 - 1996
Operated from 5/15/1960 to ?
Relocations:Suburban Park as Wild Mouse
Land of Fun as Wild Mouse
Facts:According to the March 28, 1960 issue of Billboard Magazine there was to be a Schiff Wild Mouse to open on May 15, 1960 on a 623x50 foot lot located on 15th between the Bowery and the Boardwalk. This mouse was to be owned by Pat Razzano and Fred Cerbini, operating as R&C Amusements.  The location is right where the picture was taken (the structure bordering the right side of the picture is the Thunderbolt).  Also the picture shows a Schiff.  It is assumed this roller coaster is the one mentioned in the Billboard Magazine story.
Location:In 1963, the owners were replacing some major rides with a dozen kiddie rides between the wild mouse and the boardwalk, which suggests that the mouse might have been farther north than its final resting position.
Notes:This wild mouse was not present in a 1966 aerial photo of the area.  This suggests the wild mouse was still being used as a traveling concession during this time.  Based on the discontinuous wild mouse history at Suburban Park, it's possible it returned there for some time.

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Wild Mouse - Land of Fun (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

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Wild Mouse - Land of Fun (Brooklyn, New York, USA)