Frontier City

11501 North I-35 Service Road

Operating since 1958

Parks nearby

Telephone: 405-478-2412

Existing Roller Coasters (5)

Diamond BackSteelSit Down1993Operating
Silver BulletSteelSit Down1986Operating
Steel LassoSteelInverted7/18/2008Operating
Wild KittySteelSit Down2013Operating
WildcatWoodSit Down1991Operating

Defunct Roller Coasters (7)

ExcaliburSteelSit Down20002005
FlitzerSteelSit Down1974
Mad MouseSteelSit Down19591960s
Nightmare MineSteelSit Down1999 - 2000
Nightmare MineSteelSit Down19801999 - 2000
Wild KittySteelSit Down19912012
Wild MouseSteelSit Down19711970s

Frontier City (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

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Frontier City (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)