Opryland USA

2802 Opryland Drive

Defunct, Operated from 5/27/1972 to 12/31/1997

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Telephone: 615-889-6611

Defunct Roller Coasters (6)

ChaosSteelSit Down3/25/19891997
Mini Rock 'N' Roller CoasterSteelSit Down19771997
Rock n' Roller CoasterSteelSit Down19721997
Screamin' Delta DemonSteelBobsled19841997
Wabash CannonballSteelSit Down19751997


Fan web sites:Thrillhunter
History:Closed as a theme park in 1997 to be converted to a shopping mall.  Performance Rides International was contracted to sell the rides.

Opryland USA (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

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Opryland USA (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)