Hillcrest Park

11335 South Joliet Road

Defunct, Operated from 1952 to 9/1/2003

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Telephone: 847-540-6844

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Little DipperWoodSit Down19679/1/2003


History:The park's closure was due to a decline of corporate outings and the simultaneous increase in value of the land.  September 1st was the last outing. The park's rides and equipment were auctioned off on October 25th.  The land was sold to developers to build a large warehouse.
Notes:Hillcrest Park was a 58.8 acre private picnic park catering to outings from 200 guests on weekdays to 2500 guests on weekends.
Owner / Operator:The land was purchased from "Peabody" (first name not known) in 1951.  Rick Barry's father purchased the park and it was one of several parks that were owned by the family.

Hillcrest Park (Lemont, Illinois, USA)

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Hillcrest Park (Lemont, Illinois, USA)