Rockaways' Playland

185 Beach 97th Street

Defunct, Operated from 1901 to 7/1985

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Defunct Roller Coasters (3)

Atom SmasherWoodSit Down19387/1985
Jack RabbitWoodSit Down1932 or earlier1932 or later
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down


Former names:L.A. Thompson's Amusement Park (1901 to 1928)
Location:The park was torn down in in the mid 1990s and housing was built on the site.
History:The park closed for business in July of 1985 after a botched robbery attempt at a concessions stand left an innocent women dead.
Owner / Operator:Originally built and owned by LeMarcus A. Thompson.  Thompson owned the park until his death in 1926.  His family ran the park until selling it in 1928.

Rockaways' Playland (Rockaway Beach, New York, USA)

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Rockaways' Playland (Rockaway Beach, New York, USA)