Six Flags New Orleans

12301 Six Flags Parkway

SBNO since 2006

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Telephone: 504-253-8100

Existing Roller Coasters (4)

JesterSteelSit Down4/13/2003SBNO
Mega ZephWoodSit Down5/20/2000SBNO
Muskrat ScramblerSteelSit Down5/20/2000SBNO
Zydeco ScreamSteelSit Down6/10/2000SBNO

Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Batman: The RideSteelInverted4/12/20033/2007
Road Runner's ExpressSteelSit Down5/20/20002005 - 2009


Former names:Jazzland (2000 to 2002)
Former status:Operated from 2000 to 8/2005
Fan web sites:Unofficial Six Flags New Orleans Information

Six Flags New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

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Six Flags New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)