Tivoli Park

Av. Borges de Medeiros S/N

Defunct, Operated from 1973 to 12/17/1995

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Montanha EspacialSteelSit Down2/19/198312/17/1995
unknownSteelSit Down12/17/1995


Location:Located on the boardwalk of the Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas.
History:When Tivoli Park closed, many of the rides were moved to Luna Park.  Some were set up while others were not.  Luna park has since closed and is now only used to store Orlando's rides when not in use by his traveling fair.
Owner / Operator:Tivoli Park was owned by an Italian named Orlando Orfei.  Orlando also owns a circus, a traveling fair and Luna Park in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil.

Tivoli Park (Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

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Tivoli Park (Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)