Luna Park

Est. Plinio Casado 2462

Defunct, Operated from ? to 2003

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Telephone: (0xx21) 2761-0139

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

Montanha EspacialSteelSit Down3/2006


Notes:Luna Park is owned by Orlando Orfei, an Italian who use to own Tivoli Park in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.  When Tivoli Park closed, many of the rides were relocated to Luna Park.  Luna Park is also used to store rides when not in use by a traveling fair also owned by Orlando Orfei.  The park has closed, but is still being used to store rides owned by Orlando Orfei.

Luna Park (Nova Iguaçu, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

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Luna Park (Nova Iguaçu, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)