Prehistoric Park

Crossroads Blvd.

Defunct, Operated from 7/10/1993 to 1997 - 2001

Type: Indoor FEC

Defunct Roller Coasters (1)

HurlaramaSteelSit Down1994 or earlier2001 or earlier


Former names:Exhilarama
Location:Located in the Crossroads Plaza shopping complex.
History:The name changed from Exhilarama to Prehistoric Park coincided with the ownership change.
Owner / Operator:Owned by Edison Bros. of St. Louis.  The park was purchased by Deborah and Pravin Patel of Cary, NC in 1996 (or there abouts).

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Prehistoric Park (Cary, North Carolina, USA)

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Prehistoric Park (Cary, North Carolina, USA)