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Former names:Isla Mágica
Etymology:Many sources list the name of this park as "Instituto Nacional de Hipodromos" ("National Institute of Hippodromes", a "Hippodrome" is a horse track/arena).  This is the name taken from Vekoma's reference list (who Vekoma sold the ride to) and is not the name of the park.

The name Diverland is not referring to scuba diving.  It is a combination of Spanish and English words -- "Diver" from the Spanish word "Diversión" and the English word "Land".  Basically their way of saying "Funland".
Location:The park is located on the island of Margarita.

Diverland (Pampatar, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela)

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Diverland (Pampatar, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela)