Queens Park

Defunct, Operated from 1902 to 1979

Defunct Roller Coasters (8)

Bisby's Spiral AirshipSteelSuspended19021915 or later
Comet Jr.WoodSit Down19491959
CycloneSteelSit Down9/19691979
Cyclone RacerWoodSit Down5/30/19309/15/1968
Jack Rabbit RacerWoodSit Down5/1/19151930
Mad MouseSteelSit Down19591968 or earlier
Roller CoasterWoodSit Down6/19071914
Wild MausWoodSit Down19611979


Former names:Nu Pike (1949 to 1971)
Long Beach Pike (1902 to 1949)
History:Some refer to Queens Park as "Silver Spray Pier".  Silver Spray Pier existed at the foot of Cedar Avenue and was built in 1915 and demolished in 1948.  It was never really the official park name.  The Jack Rabbit Racer was built on the pier and later the Cyclone Racer replace it.

The park was located on the north side of the pier prior to it's removal.  When it was removed the breakwater on the south side of the Cyclone Racer was extended outward and the park occupied this new space.

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Queens Park (Long Beach, California, USA)

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Queens Park (Long Beach, California, USA)