Lakeside Park

US 11 & VA 419

Defunct, Operated from 7/1920 to 10/19/1986

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Shooting StarWoodSit Down196810/19/1986
WildcatWoodSit Down19231967


Fan web sites:Lakeside Lament
Location:The site is now the location of a large Kroger food store along with other stores.
History:Lakeside Park started as a 300 feet long and 125 feet wide man-made lake/swimming pool.  Over the years amusement rides were added.  Eventually the man-made lake was filled in to make space.

In 1985 a flood damaged or destroyed much of the park.  The owners, Mountain Park, Inc. repaired what they could and replaced what they couldn't.  There were even had plans to further develop the park.  But in 1986 a grounds worker was stuck and killed by a train of the Shooting Star during a test run.  The costs of the lawsuit and the previous flood forced the park to close.

Lakeside Park (Salem, Virginia, USA)

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Lakeside Park (Salem, Virginia, USA)