Defunct Roller Coasters (13)

CycloneWoodSit Down19251969
Derby RacerWoodSit Down19371949 - 1952
Derby RacerWoodSit Down19111936
Dragon GorgeWoodSit Down19121926
Figure EightWoodSit Down1905 - 19061909 or earlier
Jack RabbitWoodSit Down19161924
LightningWoodSit Down7/2/19271933
Loop the LoopSteelSit Down19001902
Oriental RideWoodSit Down19101924
ThunderboltWoodSit Down19211930
Virginia ReelWoodSit Down19251970 or earlier
Virginia ReelWoodSit Down1909 - 19138/28/1918
Wild MouseSteelSit Down1958 or later1966 or later


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Notes:Revere Beach was an amusement area more so than an amusement park.  The rides and games on the beach were owned by small vendors who typically operated only a ride or two each.

Normally an area like this would be broken down by the individual ride vendors.  In this case, not enough information regarding who operated what is available to make this separation.

Revere Beach (Revere, Massachusetts, USA)

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Revere Beach (Revere, Massachusetts, USA)