White City

Route 9 (Boston Turnpike) & South Quinsigamond Avenue

Defunct, Operated from ? to 1960

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Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Junior Roller CoasterSteelSit Down19521960
Leap the DipWoodSit Down1960
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down
ZipWoodSit Down19281951


Location:The park was located on the shore of Quinsigamond Lake on the southeast corner of the Quinsigamond bridge (Route 9).  Today the whole area is paved and home to a restaurant and retail stores.
Notes:In 1954 White City was under new ownership and carried out major renovations.  A new roller coaster was mentioned as early as mid 1955 being built by Oscar Bittler.  It was blown down in a storm in February, 1956.  The roller coaster was never completed and the park itself closed at the end of 1960.

White City (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA)

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White City (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA)