Riverside Park

Defunct, Operated from 5/16/1903 to 1970

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Defunct Roller Coasters (7)

Dip-the-DipsWoodSit Down1913 or earlier1913
Double Eight Toboggan RailwayWoodSit Down5/16/19031913
FlashWoodSit Down19241970
New Derby RacerWoodSit Down19121928
ThrillerWoodSit Down19241970
ThrillerWoodSit Down19141922
Wild MouseSteelSit Down19581966 - 1970


Location:The park was located on the north side of 30th street.  This area has become housing while the majority of Riverside Park, now Taggart Riverside Park still exists as a public park to the south of 30th street.
Notes:Photos of the Great Flood of March 1913, show both the "Double Eight Toboggan Railway", "Derby Racer" and "Dip-the-Dips" sticking out of the water.  The Derby Racer was advertised as in operation later that year, but it isn't known if the Double Eight Toboggan Railway or Dip-the-Dips ever reopened.
Owner / Operator:The amusements were controlled by the Riverside Amusement Company.

Riverside Park (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

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Riverside Park (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)