Pirate's World

Sheridan Street

Defunct, Operated from 1966 to 1975

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Grand National SteeplechaseSteelSit Down
Wild MouseSteelSit Down


Location:Located on the north side of Sheridan Street, east of US 1. The Watermark Condominiums now exist where the park was.
Notes:It has been said that Pirate's World had a Wildcat/Zyklon/Galaxi style roller coaster a few years before they closed.  It was described as having a dip at the top of the lift followed by a curve and the main drop.  Schwarzkopf Wildcats have this dip before the main drop.  Anyone have a picture or more information on this roller coaster?

Pirate's World (Dania, Florida, USA)

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Pirate's World (Dania, Florida, USA)