Joyland Park

Paris Pike

Defunct, Operated from 5/30/1923 to 1964

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Kiddie KoasterSteelSit Down19501964 or earlier
WildcatWoodSit Down19261964


Location:A neighborhood and bowling alley were built on the former site and are named after the park.
Owner / Operator:Joyland Park was built and operated by the Sauer family.  Some evidence suggests the Sauer family also owned Bluegrass Park at the time of it's closure.  If true, it is likely portions of Bluegrass Park were moved to Joyland Park.

In 1942, Garvice Kincaid, M.C. Haddix and Carl King purchased the park from the Sauers.

Joyland Park (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

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Joyland Park (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)