Fun Town

Defunct, Operated from 1958 to 1970s

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Former names:Kiddie Town Amusement Park
Location:Fun Town was a small amusement park setup in the parking lot of Capitol Court Shopping Center which occupied the triangle created by West Fond du Lac Avenue, West Capitol Drive and  North 60th Street.  The amusement park was on the northern corner along Congress.  The Capitol Court Shopping Center opened in the 1950s and was demolished in or around 2000.  The area has been redeveloped into the Midtown Center with the first stage opening in  2002.
History:Closed in the early 1970s.
Notes:Putt Putt Minature Golf was also located in this area.  It is believed to have been adjacent to Fun Town and the two possibly coexisted at one point.
Owner / Operator:Owned by W.D. Pavalon.

Fun Town (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

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Fun Town (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)