Pine Island Park

Defunct, Operated from 1902 to 1962

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Defunct Roller Coasters (3)

Figure 8WoodSit Down1902 - 19111955 or earlier
WildcatWoodSit Down19291961
unknownSteelSit Down1952


Location:Pine Island Park was located on the western shore of Pine Island Pond, an artificial pond created by a dam at its outlet.

The present day Pine Island Park, a playground and nature trails, exists just to the south of the former park.  The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield at 3000 Goffs Fall Road occupies some of the former park's land.
History:Pine Island Park also operated a drive-inn movie theater which continued to operate for a few years after the amusement park closed.
Owner / Operator:Started by the Manchester Traction, Light & Power Company.

Pine Island Park (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA)

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Pine Island Park (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA)