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Location:This park was previously listed as being in the city of "Sottomarina di Chioggia".  Technically, both "Sottomarina" and "Chioggia" are unique cities.  Chioggia is a much larger city and Sottomarina is a eastern suburb of it.
Notes:In August 2009 and enthusiast spoke to Roberto Carosello who has run the park since 1995.  He claims to not know anything about the roller coaster that was previously at the park.  Photos of the roller coaster clearly put it in the present day location of Carosello Park.  Since the information on the roller coaster came from L&T Systems, a company that didn't exist until 1997, it doesn't seem possible the ride predated 1995.  So something is odd here, but what remains a mystery.
Owner / Operator:The park is run and owned by Roberto Carosello.

Carosello Park (Sottomarina, Veneto, Italy)

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Carosello Park (Sottomarina, Veneto, Italy)