White City

Defunct, Operated from 1905 to ?

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Defunct Roller Coasters (9)

Cyclone BowlsWoodSit Down19221926 or later
Devil's GorgeWoodSit Down
Dip The DipsWoodSit Down
FlashWoodSit Down19281933
Giant Roller CoasterWoodSit Down19081933
Racing CoasterWoodSit Down19101933
Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down19051916
Speed TobogganWoodSit Down19051916
Velvet CoasterWoodSit Down


Location:White City was located on the corner of East 63rd Street & South Martin Luther King Drive (or South Parkway at the time).
History:In 1933 a series of fires destroyed most of the park.  Portions remained open until 1950 when the  Parkway Gardens Housing project was built on the site.

White City (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

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White City (Chicago, Illinois, USA)