Sportland Pier

Defunct, Operated from 1957 to 1989 or earlier

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Defunct Roller Coasters (6)

Flying TigerSteelSit Down19571966 - 1969
MeteorSteelSit Down1966 - 19671970
MeteorSteelSit Down1960 - 19611960 - 1961
Meteor Roller CoasterSteelSit Down19711987 or later
TobogganSteelSit Down1966 - 1970
unknownSteelSit Down1960s1960s


Location:Located at the Boardwalk between 23rd and 24th streets.
Notes:The Sportland Arcade / Sportland Amusement Center opened in 1928.  In 1957 the initial pier opened and was only large enough to hold the Up 'n Atom roller coaster.  The pier was extended perhaps around 1967 and more rides were added.

Sportland Pier (Wildwood, New Jersey, USA)

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Sportland Pier (Wildwood, New Jersey, USA)