Indian Lake Playland

Defunct, Operated from 1924 to 1975

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

CoasterWoodSit Down19241981
Wild MouseSteelSit Down19601969 - 1975


Former names:Sandy Beach Park (1924 to 1966)
Etymology:This park was also unofficially known as the "Million Dollar Playground".
History:This park started as two distinct parks separated by a channel.  On one side was Sandy Beach Park which had a wooden roller coaster since 1924.  On the other side was a ballroom known as both Moonlight Terrace and the Stardust Ballroom before becoming the San Juan Resort in 1957.

The San Juan Resort added a carousel in 1959 and a Schiff Wild Mouse in 1960.  In 1693 the San Juan Resort owners purchased Sandy Beach and called it the San Juan Annex for the first year.  In 1967, Anthony Guillermo purchased the San Juan side and leased the Sandy Beach side and called the combined properties "Indian Lake Playground".  In 1969, the Wild Mouse was moved from the original San Juan side to the former Sandy Beach side.

As of 2005 a now floorless bridge  that once connected the halves, is the only remainder of the park.  Today a Rite Aid Pharmacy (120 West Main Street) exists on the former San Juan Resort side and condominiums have replaced the Sandy Beach Park side.

Indian Lake Playland (Russells Point, Ohio, USA)

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Indian Lake Playland (Russells Point, Ohio, USA)