Rainbow Gardens

2103 Lincoln Way

Defunct, Operated from 1920s to 1968

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

BomberWoodSit Down19541968
Wild MouseSteelSit Down1968


Location:Rainbow Gardens was located on the northeast corner of Route 48 (AKA Jacks Run Road, AKA Long Run Road) and Lincoln Way.  This area is also called "White Oak", but based on current postal code information it is today considered McKeesport.
History:Rainbow Gardens was forced to close as it lie in the path of a planned expansion of PA 48.  The park was leveled, but the new roadway was never built.  In the late 1990s Oak Park Mall was built on the site.

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Rainbow Gardens (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Rainbow Gardens (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA)