400 West Washington Street

Defunct, Operated from ? to 1954

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Little DipperWoodSit Down19491954


Former names:Venice Lake Park (1950)
Ocean View Park (1949)
Etymology:The park name comes from actor William Boyd's character -- Hopalong Cassidy.
Location:An advertisement for Hoppyland lists the address as "400 West Washington St. Venice Calif.".  This is the intersection of Dell Avenue and Washington Boulevard which today is technically in the city of Marina Del Rey.
History:While the roller coaster was completed by September of 1949, Ocean View Park failed to open that year.  It is possible the roller coaster operated in some capacity before the park officially opened the following year as Venice Lake Park.

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Hoppyland (Marina Del Rey, California, USA)

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Hoppyland (Marina Del Rey, California, USA)