Woodside Park

Defunct, Operated from 6/12/1897 to 1955

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Defunct Roller Coasters (8)

Baby Wild CatSteelSit Down1950 or earlier1955
HummerWoodSit Down1950 or earlier
StormWoodSit Down1925 or earlier
Thompson's Scenic RailwayWoodSit Down6/12/1897
Thompson's ThrillerWoodSit Down1925 or earlier
TornadoWoodSit Down19271954
Velvet CoasterWoodSit Down1925 or earlier
Wild CatWoodSit Down19271955


Location:The park was on the south side of Ford Road, just east of its intersection with Monument Road and Conshohocken Road (known as "Five Points"). It was adjacent Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.

Woodside Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Woodside Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)