Vinewood Park

Defunct, Operated from 1890 to ?

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Location:Vinewood Park's location is described as being on Deer Creek at the foot of the Shawnee Lake Dam.  Assuming this is the dam and creek on the north end of the lake the closest intersection to this would be SE 29th Street & SE West Edge Road.
History:Vinewood Park first opened as a dance hall and the area was transformed into an amusement park in 1903.
Notes:Today the Vinewood Roadhouse is either the original dance hall restored or another historic building near the former park.  On the Vinewood Roadhouse website it is mentioned: "Original Wooden Dance Floor completed in 1929". That is 30 years after the original dance hall was built and hence the source of some uncertainty.

Vinewood Park (Topeka, Kansas, USA)

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Vinewood Park (Topeka, Kansas, USA)