Vollmar's Park

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Former status:Operated from 1963 to 2001
SBNO from 1940s to 1962
Operated from 1900 to 1940s
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Location:The park was located on the Maumee River near the intersection of SR-582 and SR-65.
History:The Hofner family purchased the closed Vollmar's Park in 1963, brought in the first amusement rides and reopened the park.

Vollmar's Park was auctioned off by Norton Auctioneers of Michigan some time in the 1990s.  The property was put up for sale, but with no buyers a traveling carnival operator setup a few temporary rides at the park.  This lasted just a few seasons and then was gone.

Vollmar's Park (Bowling Green, Ohio, USA)

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Vollmar's Park (Bowling Green, Ohio, USA)