Sammy's Dreamland


Defunct, Operated from 2000 or earlier to 2004 - 2005

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Defunct Roller Coasters (2)

Spill Water RideSteelSit Down2000 or earlier2004 - 2005
Wild MouseSteelSit Down2000 or earlier2004 - 2005


Location:Sammy's Dreamland is located north of Bangalore on the NH7 beyond the Yelahanka Air Force Station.
Notes:In 1999 and 2000, before the park's website went offline in late 2000, it made mention of a "Double Loop Roller Coaster".  It was described as: Awe-inspiring trains ride that takes one to the heights of adventure in 140 Seconds.  28 passengers with shoulder restraints tease themselves to the thrill of the extreme.

This roller coaster doesn't appear to be in the satellite photos, or in pictures taken of the park in 2004 or in a user review that mentioned the park's roller coasters were just "medium sized".  Until more information can be found, it is assumed this Double Loop Roller Coaster, was never built.

Sammy's Dreamland (Carmelaram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

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Sammy's Dreamland (Carmelaram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India)