Chester Park

Defunct, Operated from 1896 to 1935

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Defunct Roller Coasters (9)

Blue StreakWoodSit Down19121923 or later
CometWoodSit Down1924
CycloneWoodSit Down19271934 - 1935
Dark Tunnel CoasterWoodSit Down1897
Derby RacerWoodSit Down1911
Figure 8WoodSit Down19031911
ThrillerWoodSit Down19121918 or later
ThunderboltWoodSit Down1928 - 19291934 - 1935
TicklerWoodSit Down19081911


Former names:Rainbow Park (1929 to 1930)
Chester Park (1896 to 1928)
Notes:This park along with the Thunderbolt and Cyclone probably closed after the 1934 season.  It is known that the two roller coasters were demolished in July of 1935.  It isn't known if the park had a partial season that year or if 1934 was its last.

Chester Park (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

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Chester Park (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)