Defunct Roller Coasters (3)

Comet Jr.WoodSit Down1942 or earlier
Figure 8WoodSit Down19011942
Leap FrogWoodSit Down19211942


Location:Olympia Park was located south of McKeesport in the borough of Versailles bordered by Walnut Street (AKA Route 48 / Orange Beltway) on the southwest and Juniper Street to the southeast.
Notes:Unless the park extended beyond Long Run Road to the northeast and the Leap Frog was located in this area, the opening year is likely not accurate.  A 1923 Sanborn map shows only one figure eight shaped roller coaster at the park but the map does not include anything northeast of Long Run Road.

Another possible explanation for the above discrepancy is if the Figure 8 was the same roller coaster as the Leap Frog, perhaps after being modified.
Owner / Operator:The park was owned by the West Penn Railway Company.

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Olympia Park (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA)

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Olympia Park (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA)