Togo / 東娯

Defunct, Operated from 1935 to ?


Former names:Toyo Goraku Ki Kabushiki Kaisha (Japanese: 東洋娯楽機株式会社) (1935 to 1983)
Roller Coasters:60 (10 relocated)
Etymology:"Toyo Goraku Ki Kabushiki Kaisha" is Japanese for:

  • Toyo / 東洋 = East Sea
  • Goraku / 娯楽 = Amusement
  • Ki / 機 = Machine
  • Kabushiki / 株式 = Joint Stock Corporation
  • Kaisha / 会社 = Company
Notes:The models listed for Togo are still a work in process.  Little information is available on Togo in the United States.  Currently these models are general groupings and not the model names given to them by Togo.

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