Overland Amusement Company

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Roller Coasters:3
Notes:Overland's prototype coaster appears to have been built by or for Charles Cooper in 1950 or 1951, who used it at the Canadian National Exhibition for several years, and presumably at other locations.  The first coaster ads from Overland are from the fall of 1952, and advertising ceased after spring, 1957, although the company continued to make kiddie fire trucks at least through 1959, possibly 1960.

A 1954 Overland ad says to write for locations where one can be seen.  Sales mentioned in 1954 are to Bob-Lo Island and Motor City Shows (Canada) in the spring, and to Strates Shows in late summer.

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Overland Amusement Company (Saugus, Massachusetts, USA)

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Overland Amusement Company (Saugus, Massachusetts, USA)