Intamin AG (Wollerau, Schwyz, Switzerland)

In Production


Roller Coasters:81 (14 relocated)
Models:Accelerator Coaster, Aqua Trax, Blitz Coaster, Children's Roller Coaster, Double Roller Coaster, Fly Rider, Giga Coaster, Impulse Coaster, Indoor / Family Roller Coaster, Mega Coaster, Mega-Lite, Mine Train Coaster, Reverse Freefall Coaster, Space Diver, Spiral Coaster, Stand-Up Coaster, Suspended Catapult Coaster, Suspended Looping Coaster, Swiss Bob, Twist and Turn Coaster, Twisted Impulse Coaster, Wooden Coaster, Wooden Coaster (Prefabricated Track)
See also:Ball Coaster, Half Pipe Coaster, Looping Coaster, SurfRider, Water Coaster

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Other - Intamin AG (Wollerau, Schwyz, Switzerland)

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Other - Intamin AG (Wollerau, Schwyz, Switzerland)