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Company: Schwarzkopf (Münsterhausen, Bavaria, Germany)

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Roller Coasters:12 (9 relocated)
See also:Alpenblitz I, Alpenblitz II, City Jet / Jet 400, Double Looping, Double Looping (with additional trackway curve), Jet Star, Jet Star 2, Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet, Jumbo V, Katapult, Looping Star, Münchner Bahn, Silverarrow, Speed Racer / Extended Jumbo Jet
Notes:this shuttle roller coaster launches riders through a nearly circular vertical loop.  Next the train climbs a 70 degree incline until it's momentum is depleted, falls backwards and repeats the journey.

There are two variations of the catapult system:  Weight Drop and Flywheel.  The Weight Drop uses a 40 ton weight in a tower at the end of the ride.  The weight connects to a pulley system which triples the speed of the drop, placing over 13 tons of force on the train.  The Flywheel utilizes a six ton flywheel in a machine room in front of the loop.  The flywheel spins to 1044rpm and then engages a 4:1 speed reducer.  This turns a drive pulley and propels the train via a cable.

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Shuttle Loop - All Models - Schwarzkopf (Münsterhausen, Bavaria, Germany)

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Shuttle Loop - All Models - Schwarzkopf (Münsterhausen, Bavaria, Germany)