Company: Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)

In Production


Roller Coasters:3 (2 relocated)
See also:TCxx
Notes:TL stands for "The Loop" and the 59 is for the ride's 59m width.

The TL59 is the first looping roller coaster developed by Pinfari.  Only 3 are believed to have been built.  One went to the Swiss traveling showman Paul Doesegger in 1982.  There are different supports used in TL59 models.  The one that operated at Flamingo Land (Malton, England) and later Pleasure Island (Cleethorpes, England) has a structure very similar to modern Pinfari roller coasters.  The TL59 at Tivoliland (Aalborg, Denmark) has a similar track layout but a very different support structure.

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TL59 - preZyklon - Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)

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TL59 - preZyklon - Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)