Tivoli - Small (variant)


Company: Zierer (Neuhausen/Offenberg, Bavaria, Germany)

In Production


Roller Coasters:2
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Notes:This "variant" is quite similar to a standard Small Tivoli model being that both have a simple oval layout.  A few distinct differences do exist:

  • The standard model has a dip during the first turn after the lift.  This dip is not present on the variant.
  • The variant has a small left then right track curve or twist opposite the station (half way through the ride).  This section of track is straight on the standard model.
  • The standard model usually has 5 cars per train, but a couple do exist with 6 car trains.  The variant models always have 6 car trains.

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Tivoli - Small (variant) - Tivoli - Zierer (Neuhausen/Offenberg, Bavaria, Germany)

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Tivoli - Small (variant) - Tivoli - Zierer (Neuhausen/Offenberg, Bavaria, Germany)