Company: Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)

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Roller Coasters:1
See also:TL59
Notes:This "TCxx" model isn't an official model name.  A few Pinfari roller coasters have been discovered that predate their very popular Zyklon line.  The looping roller coaster of this older style is call the "TL59" which simply stands for "The Loop" and 59 meters at the base.  This entry is for a non-looping roller coaster that is very similar to the TL59 in layout.  The "TC" here simply means "The Coaster" and the "xx" is used because the length of the base isn't know at this time.

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TCxx - preZyklon - Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)

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TCxx - preZyklon - Pinfari (Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy)