Baihe River Islands

Operating since 2009 or earlier

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Existing Roller Coasters (2)

unknownSteelSit Down2005 or earlierOperating
unknownSteelSit Down2006 - 2009Operating


Etymology:Baihe River Islands is not the correct name for this park.  One Chinese writing for the area seen is "白河游览区-淘气猫岛" which roughly translates to "Baihe River Tour Area - Mischievous Cat Island".
Notes:This park (or parks) is split between two small islands in the Baihe River ("Baihe" is "White" in Chinese).  The northeastern island clearly has a "Jungle Mouse" style roller coaster based on satellite imagery.  No roller coaster can be seen on the southwest island via satellite imagery, but photos on Panoramio clearly show a Golden Horse Spinning Coaster on the southwest island.

Baihe River Islands (Nanyang, Henan, China)

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Baihe River Islands (Nanyang, Henan, China)