New Rexford Park

Defunct, Operated from 1906 to 1933

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Defunct Roller Coasters (4)

Dip the DipsWoodSit Down1911 - 19121917
Figure EightWoodSit Down1906
Giant Blue Streak CoasterWoodSit Down7/18/19261/1/1935
Giant Roller CoasterWoodSit Down19181925


Former names:Rexford Park (1916 to 1918)
Dolle's Park (1911 to 1916)
Luna Park (1906 to 1911)
Etymology:After the initial announcement as New Rexford Park, it was advertised as The Colonnade, and in later years, Colonnade Amusement Park.  A 1972 article also lists Palisades Park as a name at one time.
Location:At the time the park existed, this area was known as Rexford.
Notes:The park operators removed their rides after the 1933 season, presumable leaving the Giant Blue Streak Coaster abandoned.  The roller coaster and other park structures were eventually removed so that the landowner would not have to pay property taxes on unprofitable improvements.

New Rexford Park (Alplaus, New York, USA)

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New Rexford Park (Alplaus, New York, USA)