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Type = Steel

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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
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Air PogoAdventure IslandSteelSuspendedOperating2000s
High Speed RollercoasterSuôí Tiên ParkSteelSit DownOperating2000
 unknownYiwu ParadiseSteelSit DownOperating2000
Crazy MouseKitami Family LandSteelSit DownOperating2000
 unknownGagarin ParkSteelSit DownOperating2000 - 2005
GusenitsaLuna Park HappylandSteelSit DownOperating2000 - 2003
 unknownWest Lake ParkSteelSit DownOperating2000 - 2010
High Altitude Rolling Sliding CoasterWindow of the WorldSteelSit DownOperating9/4/1999
Mine CoasterSun ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999 or later
Jungle MouseSun ParkSteelSit DownOperating8/28/1999
Diving Coaster: VanishYokohama CosmoworldSteelSit DownOperating3/1999
Wild West Mine TrainOcean ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999
Loop and Spiral CoasterQuanzhou Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999
Jungle CoasterEnakyo WonderlandSteelSit DownOperating1999
Nissi CoasterMarah LandSteelSit DownOperating1999
 CycloneJabees FunlandSteelSit DownOperating1999
Roller CoasterHunan Martyr's ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999
American MountainLuna ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999
 unknownDamanskiySteelSit DownOperating1999
 Crazy TrainKogalym ParkSteelSit DownOperating1999
Spin MouseMitsui GreenlandSteelSit DownOperating7/9/1998
Junior Roller CoasterTokushima FamilylandSteelSit DownOperating5/19/1998
Mad MouseTokushima FamilylandSteelSit DownOperating4/27/1998
Mad MouseFuji-Q HighlandSteelSit DownOperating4/1998