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Amusement ParkLocationStatus
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 Los Angeles County FairgroundsPomona, California, USAOperating
Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal City, California, USAOperating
 SeaWorld San DiegoSan Diego, California, USAOperating
 TraintownSonoma, California, USAOperating
 BoomersFountain Valley, California, USAOperating
 John's Incredible Pizza CompanyRoseville, California, USAOperating
 John's Incredible Pizza CompanyRiverside, California, USAOperating
 Kiwanis KiddielandMerced, California, USAOperating
Happy Hollow Park and ZooSan Jose, California, USAOperating
 BoomersEl Cajon, California, USAOperating
 Scandia Family Fun CenterSacramento, California, USAOperating
 Santa's VillageSkyforest, California, USA-
 Tahoe Amusement ParkSouth Lake Tahoe, California, USA-
 Neverland RanchLos Olivos, California, USA-
 Queens ParkLong Beach, California, USA-
 Frontier Village Amusement ParkSan Jose, California, USA-
 Playland at the BeachSan Francisco, California, USA-
 Pacific CityBurlingame, California, USA-
 Pacific Ocean ParkSanta Monica, California, USA-
 Beverly ParkLos Angeles, California, USA-
 Idora ParkOakland, California, USA-
 Neptune BeachAlameda, California, USA-
 HoppylandMarina Del Rey, California, USA-
 Lick PierVenice, California, USA-