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 CycloneBattersea Fun FairSteelSit Down-1973
 Dragon WagonComo TownSteelSit Down-2002
 Alpine RoadwayRabkolandSteelSit Down-2004
ButterflySkyline ParkSteelSit Down-1996
 Space ChaseAdventure IslandSteelSit Down-
 Roll in the DarkLake CompounceSteelSit Down-1979
Wild MouseBrean Leisure ParkSteelSit Down-7/1988
VikingoParc de MontjuicSteelSit Down-1987
Coca-Cola RollerGlasgow Garden FestivalSteelSit Down-1988
DragonSendai HighlandSteelSit Down-2/26/2001
Shuttle LoopOyama YuenchiSteelSit Down-1990 or earlier
Jungle MouseOyama YuenchiSteelSit Down-1997 or earlier
W Face CoasterOyama YuenchiSteelSit Down-1997 or earlier
 Mini-CometHersheyparkSteelSit Down-1974
DragonPeter Piper PizzaSteelSit Down-2001
 GalaxyGreat Adventure Amusement ParkSteelSit Down-1972
Wild CatLuna ParkSteelSit Down-1970
 Jet StarGreat Adventure Amusement ParkSteelSit Down-1971
 Jungle AdventureGrinPaSteelSit Down-1973
Corkscrew CoasterChengdu Amusement ParkSteelSit Down-1996 or earlier
Bocasse ExpressParc du BocasseSteelSit Down-1980
 Wild MouseHafan y Môr Holiday ParkSteelSit Down-1971 or earlier
 Big FurySix Flags Great AdventureSteelSit Down-1974
 Wild MouseSouthcoast WorldSteelSit Down-