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 Compact Spinning CoasterOtherMaurer Söhne
 Wilde Maus ClassicOtherMaurer Söhne
 Custom Looping CoasterOtherMaurer Söhne
 CustomOtherMaurer Söhne
 Xtended SC 2000OtherMaurer Söhne
 Xtended SC 3000OtherMaurer Söhne
 XT 150SkyLoopMaurer Söhne
 XT 450SkyLoopMaurer Söhne
 VerticalX-CarMaurer Söhne
 LaunchX-CarMaurer Söhne
 Xtended SC 2200OtherMaurer Söhne
 MusicX-CarMaurer Söhne
 Mini CoasterAll ModelsMeisho Amusement Machines
 Loop the LoopAll ModelsMeisho Amusement Machines
 Wild MouseAll ModelsMiler Manufacturing
 Moli-Coaster (Low Park Model)All ModelsMolina & Son's
 Moli-Coaster (Trailer Mount)All ModelsMolina & Son's
 Comet Jr.All ModelsNational Amusement Device Company
 Free Fall Loop CoasterAll ModelsParkash Amusements
 Wild Train 15All ModelsPax Company
 Cobra-1All ModelsPax Company
 Cobra-2All ModelsPax Company
 Magic SteedAll ModelsPax Company
 Camel TrophyAll ModelsPax Company