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 Scenic RailwayElectric ParkWoodSit Down-5/19/1907
 Scenic RailwayEaston's BeachWoodSit Down-1913
 Scenic RailwayEdgewood ParkWoodSit Down-1912 or earlier
 Scenic Railway Minerva Amusement ParkWoodSit Down-1895 or later
 Scenic RailwayGreat Yarmouth Pleasure BeachWoodSit Down-1910
 Scenic RailwayCrescent ParkWoodSit Down-
 Scenic RailwayRockaway BeachWoodSit Down-1904
Schlitt'ExpressNiglolandSteelSit DownOperating5/6/2007
SchmetterlingLütge LandSteelSit DownOperating1991
Schmetterlings-PendelbahnChurpfalzparkSteelSit DownOperating1989
 School of MinesEdgewood ParkWoodSit Down-
SchussboomerWorlds of FunSteelSit Down-5/26/1973
Schwur des KärnanHansa ParkSteelSit DownUnder Construction2015
 Scooby DooSplashtown Water ParkSteelSit Down-1984
Scooby-DooHerastrau ParkSteelSit Down-2006 - 2009
Scooby-Doo Spooky CoasterWarner Bros. Movie WorldSteelSit DownOperating6/17/2002
ScorpionBusch Gardens TampaSteelSit DownOperating5/16/1980
Scorpion ExpressChessington World of AdventuresSteelSit DownOperating1987
Scramble CoasterLina WorldSteelSit Down-1994
ScratchWalibi Sud-OuestSteelSit DownOperating2002
ScratchWalibi Rhône-AlpesSteelSit DownOperating2002
Scream!Six Flags Magic MountainSteelSit DownOperating4/12/2003
ScreamerBoblo IslandSteelSit Down-1985
ScreamerScandia Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating1995