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Criteria: Person = Harry G Traver

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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
ThunderboltSix Flags New EnglandWoodSit DownOperating1941
Texas TornadoFrontierland Family Theme ParkWoodSit Down-1939
 CycloneCrystal BeachWoodSit Down-1926
 CycloneCedar PointWoodSit Down-1929
Cyclone RacerQueens ParkWoodSit Down-5/30/1930
 Jazz RailwayRocky GlenWoodSit Down-1925
 WildcatPontchartrain BeachWoodSit Down-1928
 CyclonePalisades Amusement ParkWoodSit Down-1927
 Bob'sWaukesha BeachWoodSit Down-1931
 LightningRevere BeachWoodSit Down-7/2/1927
 BobsBelle Vue ParkWoodSit Down-1929
 ZipOaks Amusement ParkWoodSit Down-1927
WildcatSpanish FortWoodSit Down-
 Whirlwind RacerMidland Beach ParkWoodSit Down-1929
 Whirlwind RacerSix Flags New EnglandWoodSit Down-1928
 BobsEastwood ParkWoodSit Down-1928
 Detroit BobsElectric ParkWoodSit Down-1925
 CycloneFantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows CarouselWoodSit Down-5/6/1939
 CycloneCentury of ProgressWoodSit Down-1933
 Montanha RussaParque ShanghaiWoodSit Down-1947
 Montanha RussaParque ShanghaiWoodSit Down-10/1938
 Over The RockiesGolden CityWoodSit Down-1907
 Coliseum CoasterGolden CityWoodSit Down-1907