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Type = Wood
Design = Sit Down

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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
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American EagleSix Flags Great AmericaWoodSit DownOperating5/23/1981
ViperSix Flags Great AmericaWoodSit DownOperating4/29/1995
Blue StreakCedar PointWoodSit DownOperating5/23/1964
Mean StreakCedar PointWoodSit DownOperating5/11/1991
Timber WolfWorlds of FunWoodSit DownOperating4/1/1989
ColossusSix Flags Magic MountainWoodSit DownOperating6/29/1978
Judge Roy ScreamSix Flags Over TexasWoodSit DownOperating3/1/1980
Georgia CycloneSix Flags Over GeorgiaWoodSit DownOperating3/1990
Great American Scream MachineSix Flags Over GeorgiaWoodSit DownOperating4/1973
Screamin' EagleSix Flags St. LouisWoodSit DownOperating4/10/1976
Mighty Canadian MinebusterCanada's WonderlandWoodSit DownOperating1981
Wild BeastCanada's WonderlandWoodSit DownOperating1981
Ghoster CoasterCanada's WonderlandWoodSit DownOperating1981
BeastKings IslandWoodSit DownOperating4/14/1979
RacerKings IslandWoodSit DownOperating1972
Woodstock ExpressKings IslandWoodSit DownOperating1972
GrizzlyCalifornia's Great AmericaWoodSit DownOperating1986
Woodstock ExpressCarowindsWoodSit DownOperating1975
Thunder RoadCarowindsWoodSit DownOperating1976
HurlerCarowindsWoodSit DownOperating1994
Rebel YellKings DominionWoodSit DownOperating5/3/1975
Woodstock ExpressKings DominionWoodSit DownOperating1974
GrizzlyKings DominionWoodSit DownOperating3/27/1982
HurlerKings DominionWoodSit DownOperating4/28/1994