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 Ronde des RondinsFraispertuis CitySteelSit DownUnder Construction4/19/2014
Roof Junior CoasterE-DA Theme ParkSteelSit DownOperating2010
Rotating PulleyCentury ParkSteelSit DownOperating2006 or earlier
RothaarblitzPanorama ParkSteelSit Down-6/1982
Round AboutFreestyle Music ParkSteelSit DownSBNO6/14/2008
Round and RoundPorto EuropaSteelSit DownOperating1993
RudicoasterSanta's LandSteelSit DownOperating
Rudolf's Roller Coaster Sleigh RideSanta's VillageSteelSit DownOperating1985 or earlier
Rudolph 2 Loop CoasterSeoul LandSteelSit DownOperating9/21/1990
Rudolph CoasterSeongjigok LandSteelSit Down-
Rudolph CoasterSuseong LandSteelSit Down-2009
Rudy's Rapid TransitSanta's VillageSteelSit DownOperating1988
Run Away Mine CarsDonley's Wild West TownSteelSit DownOperating2010
Runaway Mine TrainSix Flags Over TexasSteelSit DownOperating8/1966
Runaway Mine TrainSix Flags Great AdventureSteelSit DownOperating7/4/1974
Runaway Mine TrainAlton TowersSteelSit DownOperating1992
Run A Way Mine TrainGold Reef CitySteelSit DownOperating
Run Away Mine TrainBrean Leisure ParkSteelSit Down-2002
Runaway Mine TrainM&Ds Scotland's Theme ParkSteelSit DownOperating7/3/2002
Runaway Mine TrainMiner Mike's Adventure TownSteelSit DownOperating1994
Runaway Mine TrainFlamingo Land Theme Park & ZooSteelSit DownOperating2007
Runaway MountainSix Flags Over TexasSteelSit DownOperating1996
Runaway Ore CartSilver Dollar CitySteelSit Down-
Runaway Timber TrainLandmark Forest Theme ParkSteelSit DownOperating2010