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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
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 Blue StreakIndianola ParkWoodSit Down-1909
 Blue Streak RacerPacific ParkWoodSit Down-4/4/1917
 Blue Streak RacerWonderlandWoodSit Down-7/4/1913
Boardwalk BulletKemah BoardwalkWoodSit DownOperating8/31/2007
 Bob'sWaukesha BeachWoodSit Down-1931
 BobsBelle Vue ParkWoodSit Down-1929
 BobsRiverview ParkWoodSit Down-1924
 BobsEastwood ParkWoodSit Down-1928
 BobsVenice Amusement PierWoodSit Down-1921
 BobsledFantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows CarouselWoodBobsled-4/30/1939
 BobsledConey Island - Joe BonsignoreWoodBobsled-1941
 Bob Sled DipperPlayland at the BeachWoodSit Down-1921
BobsleighbananGröna LundWoodSit Down-1934
 BomberRainbow GardensWoodSit Down-1954
BossSix Flags St. LouisWoodSit DownOperating4/29/2000
Boulder DashLake CompounceWoodSit DownOperating5/21/2000
 Bowls of JoyPanama-Pacific International ExpositionWoodSit Down-1915
 Brownie CoasterKennywoodWoodSit Down-1928
 Brownie CoasterWest View ParkWoodSit Down-
Bush BeastWonderland SydneyWoodSit Down-1985
 Canadian TobogganFrankobritish ExibitionWoodSit Down-1908
Cannon BallLake WinnepesaukahWoodSit DownOperating1967
 Cannon BallRiverview ParkWoodSit Down-1919
 Cannon-BallSpringbank Amusement ParkWoodSit Down-1915